Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 15: Merredin and Perth Dam.

We stayed overnight in Merredin (to break up the kilometres between Kalgoorlie and Perth). We entered Perth from the West and visited the dam (as we had seen the long water pipe that carries water from the outskirts of Perth out to the dry, gold mining region).

We stopped off at a lavender farm for tea. A beautiful spot, although we had to take care where we walked. Lavender lollies, carrot cake with lavender icing; all on the menu.
The next day we flew home again.

Day 14: Kalgoorlie

The Chinese Garden of Rememberance at Kalgoorlie's "Explore Mines". $2 entry for the exploration of historic buildings and machinery, modern machinery, this garden and a modern building with computer games, dress ups and a lab to look at rocks and minerals under the microscope. Brilliant.

Day 13:Kalgoorlie

There are some beautiful Australian buildings here.

Day 12:Kalgoorlie

As we drove into Kalgoorlie, our car broke down (well a light flashed saying check engine!). We were fortunate that this did not happen in the three days prior as we travelled through the middle of nowhere! The car went into the mechanics, a part was sent and we were lent a large mining bus. God certainly looked after us, allowing us three days based here to sort the car out.

We toured the Royal Flying Doctors' Base. So many people rely on this service to give them access to medical care. It was a fantastic tour...

Day 11: Kalgoorlie

A slight change in scenery?

Driving pretty much for the most of the day took us far away from the coast to a large gold mining city - Kalgoorlie. We saw a blast at the Superpit.

Day Ten: Esperance.

The sign upon entering this town said that it had the best beach in Australia. Quite a claim!

I really thought that the beach in Busselton and pictures of a beach a short drive from this town centre looked wonderful.

It was freezing cold and raining here, but it meant that this sea lion was on the beach. Some people arrived with fish and we saw it swim and frolic in the ocean as it enjoyed its supper.
We arrived on a Sunday afternoon, almost at 4pm. We were so fortunate that the above tea rooms were open. It was located right at the marina. Delicious scones and the best coffee ever!

I regret that we did not stay a lot longer in this wonderful town.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day Nine: Giant Trees, Diamond Tree.

Truly gigantic trees. The tree with the spokes in the trunk is used as a fire watchtower. It is 52 metres above the ground.

The suspension bridge was very wobbly!!! The children had a ball.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day Eight: Margaret River Region.

It was a bit cold, perfect to explore vineyards and dairy farms. I found a lovely bottle of white wine that I slowly enjoyed on our trip. We found lovely shops that sold homemade soaps, pot pourri, pickles, conserves and the like.

We made our way to Cape Leeuwin and had our lunch whilst watching the waves crash as the Indian and Southern Oceans met. This spot reminded me of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Day Seven: Busselton.

We picked up our hire car (or rather it picked us up). A comfy eight seater vehicle. A good chance to see what our next vehicle may be in a few years time. We stopped in at husband E's Aunt's house and caught up with husband E's cousin. A lovely lunch was enjoyed in the garden.

Then a drive down the coast to Busselton.

Busselton Jetty is 2 km long.

Day Six:Fremantle Markets.

Fremantle markets: delicious fruit, barbequed fish, French pastries, sausage and 10 year old son tried some chilli paste.

Day Five: Fremantle.

We had a lovely spot to stay here as it was right on Challenger Harbour. We saw quite a few big ships coming and going and enjoyed seeing a sunset, a treat for us as we live in the East.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day Four: Rottnest Island.

We took a ferry from Perth , down the Swan River, to Fremantle. Then across a section of the ocean to Rottnest Island.
Quokkas everywhere, some tamer than others.

Five year old daughter loves animals. This was the tamest of the lot.

Rottnest Island's Catholic Church. From 3pm, anyone can play the church bells. 10 year old son played "Mary had a little lamb" and 7 year old daughter played 'The Chimes'. This could be heard all the way down to the shore!

The first wildlife we encountered.

Day Three: Perth City.


Two little girls eating a picnic lunch.

Amazing grass trees.

We certainly walked a lot. We did not have a car and the free shuttle buses around the city took us back to our hotel. After a picnic lunch, we had a nice afternoon tea in a city store.

Day Two: Swan Valley.

The lovely vineyard......

The entertainment for the children....

Husband E's Aunt celebrated her 80th birthday. Family came from all around Australia. It was held at a lovely vineyard. The children had a lovely lunch and turkeys and cousins to play with !

We had a superb lunch, with tapas to begin with : marinated mushrooms, beetroot relish, petite potato salad, garlic prawns, little squares of fritatta and spicey sausage. Oh I am dreaming of that platter!

Day One Perth.

The flowers were crunchy, beautiful wild flowers in the city beds.

Well we are back on the East coast after a lovely time away. It is a little like childbirth in that distance from the occasion makes only the fondest memories prominent. The children are better friends as a result of the trip, with lots of verbal games and rhymes. How to display photo's of a trip to others and not overdo it? An attempt will follow over the next few days as time allows.
I have come home to lots of work regarding Community Fire Units, but after a few hiccups we look set to go..... Our first hot day here so it will be good to get lots of training regarding safety in the time of bushfires.