Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting Around Tuit!

Today,  Melissa suggested an "Around Tuit" session.. see the little clock which she sent to us in our invitations.... We were to bring projects to work on and enjoyed the time with tea/coffee, munchies and chat.  I did manage to get work done on my project, which was to go through six year old daughter's little journals which I had written in order that I can make an easy to see table with her all of her milestones from birth till now.  She had been asking me what her first word was and I had forgotten.  Well it turns out that it was "Mumma".  Two weeks later, it was "Da Da"!

Mrs N filed recipes and Aunty L planned her folder of lists for party organisation.... I heard talk of a letter and Melissa sorted through things to clear space for us all to be productive.  She also made a few phone calls....Yay for us!

Memory Suitcase.

10 year old daughter was home unwell this week and relished the chance to go through her 'memory' suitcase.  It is an old, leather suitcase (which I collect for this purpose).  Inside are her first shoes, all her birthday cards, photo's from school, special letters and other keepsakes.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Touch of Japan.

This is the table in the kitchen today.  I think it looks quite Japanese.  This was not done on purpose, just a gathering of things.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mix Master Makes the Difference.

Oh and the difference that this machine makes to mixing is amazing.  16 years, and I never knew.  The cupcakes were wonderful.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Gemma is a gorgeous ring tailed possum, who has lost 'her' mother.  Not 100% sure yet if she is indeed a girl.  Our good friend's (oink) daughter rescued her and they have been caring for her ever since.   She sleeps in a little woollen pouch which was knit especially for her.  She is doing very well.  They visited yesterday and all three girls just loved it.  Eight year old daughter loves animals, so this was an extra special treat.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Visitors to our BBQ.

Our usual participants in a Saturday bbq lunch; 13 year old son and this pair.. there were three more who visited as well.

An Appliance with a Story.

I have been intrigued by mix masters and food processors of late.  There are too many to choose from though and I really want it to be useful.  Mum had given this one to me when we first got married, but I did not have as much use for it then as I do now.  I asked for it again recently.  I have unpacked it today.

Now this was not a mere meeting with an appliance, but rather a little trip into time gone by.  There were receipts in the manual.  The receipt was for one hundred dollars.  The year, 1979.

The receipt was issued from Singapore and there was a customs form attached as well.  We were living in South Africa at the time and the letter attached to the customs form stated that my Dad was returning from a business trip to the "Far East".  He picked up this food processor in Durban, once he had returned.  Oh I hope this machine works as I would really like to keep it and not have to choose an 'anonymous' food processor/mix master now.

I bet noone else has such close ties with their appliances.

100's and 1000's.

Puzzles have been a hobby of husband E and the younger two girls.  The top puzzle was one from the Groovy Aunt; 1000 pieces.  Husband E completed with the help of six year old daughter.  The 100 piece puzzle is on loan from cousin L and eight year old daughter enjoyed completing it and photographing it.