Friday, September 16, 2011


A fairy puzzle for a five year old fairy.

A Bear.

12 year old son's wire sculpture.  The school has returned the semester's artwork.  It is lovely to see his efforts.

A Brown Jug.

Beautiful Camellias from Mum and Dad in a brown jug.

Hill (part of Hill Upon Hill)

Our backyard.

A New Gate.

Our new gate is installed.  Next the long driveway.

Spring 2011

Flowers from guests at my little Spring lunch.

This is a late post, however a small group this year gathered for my annual Spring lunch. 
Fiona's label adorned our door.  Jasmine was everywhere.

 I debated as to whether or not a table cloth was needed.  5 year old daughter helped to set the table.

It was a lovely gathering. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Change at Home.

Husband E and 12 year old son removing an old gate (will show the new one later)......

Rediscovering a little desk as we move furniture to fit....

...a fantastic, large desk as children grow up and their legs get longer. Hard work cleaning out the study by my mother and husband E and dad moving furniture.