Friday, November 30, 2012

Wedding Anniversary.

It is our wedding anniversary today; 16 years.

Craft Area.

Six year old daughter loves craft.  I have moved her little desk into her room now for her to enjoy.  I put a protective rug on our cream colour carpet.  The toy box was given to us by Fiona who painted it as well.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lunch at Lucy's.

This was last Friday, at Lucy's house.  Wonderful sausage, ham, bread, cheeses, salmon, greens, sundried tomatoes, chocolates and fruit.
The company was wonderful, there was laughter and the view of trees.


I saw stollen in the shops and have bought one for husband E to nibble on.  It is not as good as the ones my mother finds, so we will wait for them.  I have also bought this cake tin, the stollen is inside!  It has the sort of Christmas scene on it that I remember from cards/wrapping paper when I was a child.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Under Pressure.

Aunty L recommended a pressure cooker to me.  I have bought one.  We can have risotto in six minutes and casseroles in 30 minutes.  She told me how to do a roast chicken in the pressure cooker.  These pressure cookers have a wonderful browning capacity.  I browned the chicken after stuffing it with lemon and thyme and seasoning it.
Then I added a cup of stock, more thyme and lemon and raised the chicken on a trivet.  It cooked for 30minutes.
I browned it a little again at the end of the cooking time.  It was delicious, very moist.
I love the fact that a proper meal can be thought of and prepared in such a short amount of time.

The Pudding.

The Christmas pudding is mixed and boiled.  A few local ladies and I attend a pudding making day at my sister in law's church.  The lovely ladies there pre measure all our ingredients.  We all mix together and enjoy afternoon tea.  There is also a speaker each year who encourages us to remember the birth of Christ and the joy that we celebrate at Christmas because of that.

14 Years Old.

Our first born turned 14 last week.  10 year old sister had gone to a lot of trouble to get his present wrapped before the event.  The younger two had made beautiful cards for him to enjoy.
We enjoyed lots of seafood for dinner, we started eating at 5pm and stopped at about 9pm.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quick Biscuit/Cookie Dough.

I wanted to quickly jot down this recipe that is just so easy and delicious in our household at the moment.

200g melted butter, 300g plain flour, 100g caster sugar.

Mix and then make a ball of dough with your hands.  Break off cookie sized balls of dough, roll and put on baking tray.  Flatten all balls slightly with a fork.  Bake at 180 degrees for about 10minutes.  

When 10 year old daughter made these, she put choc chips on some and almonds on others.  

These are a lovely short, crisp biscuit (cookie).  

Recipe from "The Baking Book" Jane Bull.

Trying and Learning New Things.

Fiona has blogged about "Stretching".  We are blessed to be able to try new things, access new skills and use our God given gifts in various ways.

For me, I feel as though my research into learning difficulties is opening up many opportunities to learn more myself as I read a variety of books.
Even, baking fruit cake this week... a first really for me.  It was not a complicated recipe though:

Quick Fruit Cake

375g mixed fruit
1 cup orange juice
1 cup SR flour.

Soak the fruit in the orange juice for as long as you can.  Add the flour.  Pour into a lined tin.  I then covered mine with foil.  Bake till cooked.  Sorry I don't know how long it took.  I then glazed this one with a lemon butter bought at the supermarket.  There was nothing very butterish about it, it was more like a marmalade.

This recipe came from our minister's wife at the church where husband E and I had met and were married.

Japanese Legacy.

Dinner at our house, inspired by our experience in Japan earlier this year.

Making Music.

Oh how fun to learn a new thing... 8 year old daughter is also starting tutorials in trumpet as well.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Welcome Wall.

30 years in Australia was marked by a ceremony where our family's names were engraved on "The Welcome Wall" with many others.  We then enjoyed lunch at a French restaurant.  13 year old son was adventurous and tried snails.  He did not finish them, but enjoyed the experience.  8 year old daughter quite liked them.

A beautiful day in Sydney.

When One is Six.

6 year old daughter has started to draw the characters from "ABC Kids".  Peppa Pig and Timmy of late.

Also a tent was put up in her room.  Very cosy indeed.

Saturday in Sydney.

10 year old daughter making biscuits to take to her Grandparents' house.

A posy picked from our garden by 6 year old daughter.

November in Sydney.

Beautiful roses and a spectacular year for the Illawarra Flame Tree.