Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quiet Moment.

"Come, follow me, " Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." Mt 4: 19

Saturday, September 27, 2008


The ultimate rest;

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken." Ps 62:1-2

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Am From.....

I Am From...

I am from glass jars filled with spices, from Mrs Ball’s chutney and hot milk in my tea.

I am from the tropical greenery-lush and sweet. And now,the land of loud birds, the burning sun and crackling bush

I am from the Protea, the Flannel Flower, the mist that sits still. The lavender, the perfumed Gardenia, the sweet taste of Honeysuckle.

I am from framing photographs and keeping letters, from family trees and sentiment.

From building yachts, sailing boats and the majesty of great ships.
I am from people watchers, list makers, thinkers and planners. Spontaneous in action, yet slow to move in the race.

From making the most of opportunities and the refreshment of fresh air. Care of one’s pasture, the gift of laughter and the benefits of tears.

I am from Grace freely given, to free and to bless. To influence living and in catching worries, before they give chase.

I'm from the Southern part of Africa, entangled in English and Afrikaanse lines that bind. Of biltong and milktart; strong coffee, preserves and almond cakes.

From the shongololo throwing that caused my sister’s dread, the monkeys’ weddings, when sunshine and rain met. The rhythmic music of Africa, Ireland and Greece. The pure sound of pan flutes and the calm, quiet of having silence.

I am from suitcases and boxes of photos, some in frames. Of wooden boxes and camphor, from crocheted and knitted items,linen and lace. From woodwork and stone, paintings and beadwork.

The crashing, cold ocean; the wind wild and fierce.
I am from travels and diaries and memories by taste.

Sandra was the start of this writing for me. Her reflections are lovely.
To see what "I Am From" is all about, visit here....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sushi Success.

Tonight I made sushi for the first time. Delicious. In future I will need to remember not to add too much mayonnaise as it became too moist. The nicest combination was tuna/mayo/smoked salmon and cucumber. So good. We have so much, that I have left overs for lunch tomorrow.

I also made an olive pesto and parmesan loaf of bread (as I did not think that the sushi would fill us up!)

6 year old daughter was eager to make lemonade as her teacher had done for last week's "Back to the Past" day. It was delicious.


Rinse 3 lemons and remove skin/rind. Cut and place in a heat proof container. Sprinkle over 175g caster sugar.
Add 1 cup of hot, boiling water. Stir.
Let it sit till cooled, then pour into a jug through a sieve.
This is now the cordial, so pour a little into a glass and add cooled water to taste. Perhaps a sprig of mint?

Quiet Moment.

This morning I spent a few moments browsing through some photos of our trip to South Africa in March. My parents, sister, 9 year old son, 6 year old daughter, myself and Ouma all travelled to a lodge near Addo Elephant Park. It was called Hitgeheim Lodge. It was wonderful. The staff there looked after all of us so nicely. If you ever go there, make sure you have some of their wonderful, homemade lemonade!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Tooth Fairy.

The tooth fairy will be visiting tonight, 6 year old daughter lost her top, front tooth this morning.


A thoughtful friend, with a lovely gift of flowers. They give me such joy, I love having flowers in the house. My mother is now in South Africa for the funeral of my Ouma.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Here is my picture thought; my father in law's Wisteria. It smelt heavenly today.

Outside my window is a strong wind.

I am thinking that we could all do with a holiday, luckily only one more week to go.

I am thankful for a cool breeze this evening and a lovely husband who does so much.

From the kitchen is uncertainty as I am in a muddle as to meals this week and baking required for the holidays. Hopefully milk tart and rusks.....

I am going (went) to a fundraising meeting at school tonight and bookclub on Wednesday night.

I am wearing a new cotton shirt with big blotches on it. Also light blue, lightweight pants.

I am reading paperwork on the bench; still.

I am hearing the water that husband E is putting into the kettle for my cup of tea.

I am hoping to get all things done on my list in preparation for the holidays.

Around the house are flowers in vases.

One of my favourite things is making a white sauce; watching it thicken.

A few plans for the rest of the week include gathering donations for our school's fundraising.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spring Fair.

Today we went to our local Garden Fair. It was beautiful. 6 year old daughter and I went together while the younger two slept. Did you know that when faced with a deadly snake you are to stand absolutely still? The snake will probably slither away. If bitten by a snake, wrap a wide bandage around the affected limb. Keep finger tips clear so the doctor can establish if your circulation is good. Keep the limb immobilised.
6 year old daughter made a scarecrow.
9 year old son went on a bike ride with E later in the day.


"Honour Christ and let Him be the Lord of your life. Always be ready to give an answer when someone asks you about your hope. Give a kind and respectful answer and keep your conscience clear." 1 Peter 3:15-16

Saturday, September 20, 2008

To Market, To Market.....

with my parents and sister. We leave nice and early, lovely produce, delicious egg and bacon rolls and coffee.

Before we left, I met their new resident under the deck: a cute possum.....

Home then to take the girls to the shoe shop and the boys went off to the bicycle shop.

This afternoon a birthday party for a nephew.

It is a hot day.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Sad Day.

19th September, 2008; 11am (Australia) 3am (South Africa)

Finally Friday.

It has been a busy week. Today I will do lots of tidying up, ready for the weekend. It is quite warm so I have a head start on the laundry. Also, we do not need to go in the car at all today....
The garden is crying out for some work; weeding, mulching, repotting and planting-tomato seeds. I also have these Frangipani branches to 'stick into ' the ground. They come from E's Aunt.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

On the Side....

Very good for you.


A happy day playing-for most of the time....

Back to the Past.

6 year old daughter had to dress up for school today. The theme was "Back to the Past", about 100 years or so ago. I raided the communal dress ups box at E's Dad's house. Success.

6 year old daughter posed next to an old Kooka (from the bird, Kookaburra) stove we have on our deck. Ladies from bygone days used to cook and bake using one of these. We got it from a house that was clearing out its furniture way back before we were even married. It is so heavy.....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Smell.

The muffins did not get baked last night as we had something else crop up, so I am baking now, while the little ones sleep. They should sleep well as we had an early appointment for 4 year old daughter and then we went to the running races at school to watch 6 year old daughter run.

Today, instead of blueberries, I am using raspberries and white chocolate.

Bad Smell.

We have a bad smell in one part of the house as I think something has died in the roof cavity. It is probably a possum, but it smells so bad that it could be a jolly kangaroo!!! (Just joking, there is no way a kangaroo could have got up there...) Boy job, E better get on to it. Even the cat won't go in there.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday's To-Do....

I had hoped to clean the bathrooms and bake raspberry muffins......instead I have spent the day researching holiday venues for the long weekend in October. Trying to get a good price, good location and have things that the children can enjoy doing.
Success at 4pm today.
The muffins will be baked tonight.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Here is my picture thought. 6 year old daughter thought that this lettuce looked like a nice bouquet.

Outside the window is darkness, a full moon and a lot of wind.

I am thinking that I should not let the frustration of not being able to load photos get to me.

I am thankful for supportive family and good health facilities.

From the kitchen will be a lot of leftovers and I hope the chance to make some muesli slice.

I am going to do local errands in the week.

I am wearing blue pants and a pink shirt, cotton of course.

I am reading a letter from E's aunt overseas.

I am hoping that the bushfire season does not start.

I am hearing the rustle of E's newspaper.

Around the house is a lot of fresh air.

One of my favourite things is falling asleep.

A few plans for the rest of the week include taking 9 year old son to look at some bicycles.

Spring Cleaning Part 2

Well the bush turkeys are out and about now that the rain and thunder have passed. Fiona had 2 year old daughter this morning so I was able to do some more Spring cleaning. The younger girls' room was on the agenda. I find it more motivating to rearrange the furniture when I have to vacuum, so I did just that. I will post photos when I can, when it is windy I don't seem to be able to post pictures.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Day in My Life.

Here is a "Day in My Life" that Little Jenny Wren is hosting. The idea is to record all that we do on the 14th of each month. We will have a lovely record of our week after a few months I am sure.

We woke up to the sound of wind and rain. The children awoke, ate breakfast, got dressed, made beds and played nicely whilst we were getting ready to go to church. 6 year old daughter practiced playing the piano while her two sisters watched.

I enjoyed a cup of coffee which 9 year old son photographed. I also wrapped the present that aforementioned son was taking to a birthday party later in the day. E and I finished preparing a meal we were going to take to church and we all got into the car on time.

We enjoyed Communion at church and then came home. En route we stopped in at my parent's house and then bought some lovely bread rolls. The sun had come out and we had our lunch on the deck. Salmon or cheese and tomato on the rolls for us and honey for the children. Lots of fruit as well. The older two then quickly got into the car and E stayed with the younger two.

I took 9 year old son to a birthday party in an indoor sporting centre and took 6 year old daughter out for gelato. We both had rich chocolate. We also bought a birthday present for a party she will be attending in a few weeks time.

We returned home to the two little ones asleep and E reading the paper. E then had to go and pick up 9 year old son. That took me up to 'cup of tea time' and a time to sit and rest.
E then took some soup to our neighbour and wished her a happy birthday.
The little ones woke up and started to draw over the large sheets of paper that their Grandpa had given to them. 2 year old daughter would do a 'scribble' (drawing) and then act out the animal she had drawn. 4 year old daughter was working on writing her name.

I sorted through the accumulation of paperwork on the kitchen bench. Husband E vacuumed the hallway. We never seem to vacuum the house all in one go.
After an afternoon tea of fruit bread, grapes, apples and yogurt, the children and E went for a bush walk to a suspension bridge. I was left with the cat and some quiet. While they were gone, a thunderstorm swept through. I looked forward to everyone's return home. When everyone came home, we were blessed with just a hint of a rainbow. I put some pasta on to boil and the older two children had their showers.

The children ate their dinner, the younger two were showered, stories, bed and prayers. The older two watched some of the Para Olympics and then a recording of the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics that were too late for them to watch when it actually occurred a while ago. I caught up with some emails, cleaned the table and kitchen.
The older two had their longer story reading night, 6 year old daughter chose her library book and 9 year old son chose "Harry Potter". After they went to bed, husband E and I had Thai for dinner and watched "Midsomer Murders." We also watched Compass which discussed religion in education.
A final cup of tea, a cat on my lap and thoughts to the week ahead.


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Simply Saturday.

The day started with our local council elections. I took a butter cake into the cake stall at the school.

I then disappeared today with a good friend who loves many things in common....good food, quiet.....

We went to the Southern Highlands in New South Wales. It was the second warm day and everything looked quite dry.

We had a delicious lunch at "The Elephant Boy". It is a lovely spot with shelves filled with books. then a walk around the town.

A strawberry tart followed. Another meander in a smaller town where I bought some cups and saucers. Afternoon tea was then scones at an outdoor table.

I came home to a casserole cooking in the oven, four sweet children and a husband who had completed some woodwork.

There will be no need for a heater tonight as all doors and windows are now open to catch the cooling breeze.

Friday, September 12, 2008


The house is tidy and ready for the weekend and four children are in their beds....

Fresh Produce Friday Finale.

I will not be ordering fruit and vegetables, bread, milk and eggs anymore as the bread has a preservative in it that causes me concern. I will just include fresh produce in my grocery shop on a Thursday night from a big supermarket. Sad, as I enjoyed supporting the local small business.

Spring Clean Part 1.

A place for everything, even tiny bits of lego, screws and wheels?

Spring is Still Springing.....

Here are the promised photos of other areas in the garden and this, spotted this morning.

The tree awakens.

The children were quite concerned as it usually grows its new leaves earlier than now, but it is still cold here.