Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Reminder from a Previous Post.

Quiet Moment.

I found this whilst browsing in a Life in Skunk Hollow. This is a good thing to ponder on in my quiet moment.

This truly is a good reminder of what we hope to achieve:

Home - it's such a beautiful word! It's the center of our lives, the place that holds us with invisible strings of love within its walls. Home is the place where the delectable smells and tastes of "my favorite food" linger; where the comfort and beauty of "my room" and "my bed" can be enjoyed; where "my dreams" are inspired and begin to grow; where bedtime routines, prayers, and blessings give comfort; where the intimacy of deep relationships - unconditional love, grace, forgiveness, encouragement, unselfishness, laughter, and memories - is shared with people who have made us a priority in their lives.

It's where appetites for favorite music, movies, books, games, art, and traditions are shaped from infancy on up.Home is a haven from a world that is swimming with challenges and difficulty. It is a school where one learns how precious life is intended to be. It provides the context of learning to know and love my Creator, the beauty of the world he made, and his Word, which guides me.

And it is the environment where direction and purpose and values are passed from generation to generation, protecting and preserving all that is precious in life.The task of building our home into places of beauty and life that will feed the hearts, souls, and minds of our children is the most comprehensive task to which God has called us as mothers. We are called quite literally to be "home makers" - to plan and shape a home environment that provides our families with both a safe resting place and a launching pad for everything they do in the world."--

From "The Mission of Motherhood - Touching Your Child's Heart for Eternity" by Sally Clarkson

I am reading this book at the moment (for the second time) and this post was written on June 28th in the Life in Skunk Hollow. It truly is an inspiring book.

I was going through my blog trying to find a photo of the entrance area with all the photo's in it (which we have now changed).  I did not have any luck, but I did find this above.. 

Creating Space.

We have been moving pictures around the house.  The Australian bush painting in the bottom picture was where the 'ancestors' are hanging now in the top picture.  I like that the painting brightens our dark, wood area that we are too lazy or undecided to paint.

I have realised that seeing more paint on a blank wall, rather than a crowded display of pictures; has calmed me and made the area feel less crowded.

We then had to move my framed wrapping paper from Tasmania, so they went to 8 year old daughter's
colourful room.

In the entrance, we had many, many photo's hanging up of family and friends and although hard to remove them (from the wall, not our lives); and put up a mirror, it has made the area feel fresher.  It even echoes now.  The mirror was also a thought in an attempt to reflect light.  I don't actually check my appearance before leaving the house; perhaps I should.

11 year old daughter then decided to reorganise her room too.  She really liked seeing the photo's up in the entrance everyday, so she has put them into her bedroom.

She also reorganised her shelves and surfaces and did a fantastic job!

A Lovely Visitor.

Oh how I love kookaburras, I think that they are a little gift from God when they come down and visit me!  This one was rather cheeky.  I wonder if it is the same one that took 8 year old daughter's peanut butter sandwich from her plate a while back or came into the house.....

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines'  Day...

Husband E has worked hard in an effort to have extra ventilation chiselled into the brick walls in the house... he is almost done..

There are still chocolates of course.
Ah romance!