Monday, March 23, 2015

Turn up Some Turnips.

12 year old daughter grew these at school.  She found a recipe for turnip chips which we tried, using curry powder, tumeric and paprika with olive oil and baked in an oven.  They were tasty.

12 year old daughter tells me that these are radishes and that there was one turnip in the bowl.  Can you spot it?  It is slightly purple and longer than the radishes.


10 year old daughter loves steam trains.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spice Drawers.

The chest of drawers on 16 year old son's desk are actually spice drawers.  They once were at home at Fiona's.  They have taken care of the little bits and pieces that we all accumulate.  I think they look great.


I do not know why, but since we were married, we have numbered our salt bottles.
We are about to start bottle number 14 in almost 17 and a bit years of marriage.

Siba's Salad.

There is a new show on TV, a lady from South Africa has a cooking show.  Her name is Siba.  Here was her recipe for a salad.

Grate ginger, add to cooked bacon and onion.  Chop some garlic and then add diced capsicum, mushrooms and corn.  Remove from the heat, add some soy sauce and coriander.

I used the leftover salad with cheese and made pizza pockets.
Here is the original recipe.