Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lamb with Roasted Vegetables.

A brochure at Coles inspired me to make a delicious dinner; lamb with roasted capsicum, onion and tomato; all drizzled with oil/lemon and garlic.  Delicious.

Tupperware Tidy Up.

My sky scrapers of tupperware.... drying in the sun. 

Filled with pantry goods to change......... 

this to ...........


Drying Clothes.

During the colder months, it is nice to use the warmth of the heating to dry clothes.  I find the plastic airers to be difficult to move and not very homely, so was thrilled to find this wooden airer in the mountains recently.

Toe Nail Art.

This is what sisters do together.

Growing Up.

11 year old daughter decided that she would like to change the feeling of her bedroom.  I think it looks great.

Our Spanish Onion is Growing.

More fun in the kitchen, look what we are growing!  Not intentionally of course.  I think it looks quite nice actually.

Bay Leaves and Cloves.

Bay leaves to prevent pantry moth; my neighbour gave me a bunch and cloves to stop the silverfish; of which we had many.

The cloves have helped.  We did not have pantry moth, but I thought we should be prepared.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Gently, Gently.

Today our youngest is recovering.  She is a gorgeous patient.  Thankyou to friends for their prayers to sustain me though today and for those who drop off shopping!

Adding Light.

A whim, which husband E has patiently taken on board.... stay tuned.

Autumn and Winter Craft Morning.

The Ladies gathered for our monthly craft morning.  Again I had mending, but I finished it and then a friend showed me how to crochet... again.  Hopefully I will keep going this time. 

This skirt is made by Jen Hayward and the label is called Madzara.