Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Three LIttle Pigs.

This was a version of the "The Three Little Pigs" which I read as a child. Our now four year old daughter took it into preschool for news. The teacher read it out. The children were astonished. "Does the fox die? Did the other pigs die?" Yes the teacher said. Apparently the version that children read today has pigs that escape and foxes or wolves that run away. No death!


Cathy said...

Very wise teacher to read it to them. That story has so many training applications in life.

Our story had a wolf instead of a fox. He "huffed and he puffed" to blow the houses down.

I loved hearing from you. I will be responding soon....thank you!

Out Back said...

I love this story, my girls did too when they were little.