Thursday, September 30, 2010


Our finished ladies, mine is the one at the back with no added clothing......

Samples that Denise from Paverpol brought.

Early steps.....

Mum treated the groovy Aunt and I to a Paverpol workshop. Mum's friend A. was the gracious host and set the scene for a day of relaxation and creativity. Our instructor Denise was patient and had thought of everything.

We started with aluminium sticks and foils. We moulded the 'skeleton'. Added a head and petite nose. Then we built up the body. We dipped fabric in Paverpol and bandaged our sculptures. The Paverpol product will dry hard and be waterproof. Some of the ladies then dressed their sculptures while I left mine as she was. She is heading for the lavender patch in the garden.

We were thrilled with our individual pieces.

The Groovy Aunt has made a sculpture for her new wholistic business premises.

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FoodFunFarmLife said...

She's lovely ! What is her name ?!