Thursday, November 4, 2010

School Trivia Night.

The school trivia night; a Halloween theme of course, but we thought that we would think outside the square.
Note the eyeball and coffin chocolates.

We were Mary Poppins and Bert the Chimney Sweep.


Naomi MacKenzie said...

I am a little surprised by the professing christians in Australia who are participating in Halloween. Our children who are about the same ages as yours didn't go to Cubs last week because they had a halloween theme. It wasn't deemed appropriate by them or us for them to attend a pagan celebration. I know we have liberty in Christ but I am concerned as to where the line is being drawn these days. Lest you think I am a crank, fundamentalist christian I would categorize myself as a conservative, evangelical, anglican Sydney diocesan follower of Jesus Christ.
BTW you do look nice in your costumes.

Hill upon Hill said...

Thankyou Naomi for your comment. I did not think that you were a crank, fundamentalist Christian.

Hill upon Hill said...

A friend has read my comment and thought that I may be misunderstood.... what I meant to say was that no, I did not think that Naomi was a crank, fundamentalist Christian and I still don't think so....if that now makes sense.

Pig said...

Who knew dressing like Mary Poppins could be so provocative?

Cathy said...

How fun-loving you are! I have always loved Mary Poppins!