Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Day Trip to the Mountains.

A lovely day trip to the mountains with our dear friends the P family. The Autumn leaves were breathtaking at Mt Wilson. We took two modern cars and the Vintage car.

We enjoyed a lovely morning tea in a clearing. The weather had been lovely, the second half of the day was wet and cold. We still managed to return home with apple pie and cloudy apple juice from Bell.


Cathy said...

What pleasurable events you pen. I have missed your style and your "voice".

Love, love the vintage car! Does she have a name?

Naomi MacKenzie said...

Sounds like a lovely day out. Are you all enjoying the school holidays? We are all sick at our house and have been unable to venture out.

BTW do you have a facebook account?

Hill upon Hill said...

I am so sorry Naomi that you have all been unwell.
I am not a regular on facebook.... are you?

Naomi MacKenzie said...

yes I am, mostly because it enables me to keep in touch with family who live some distance from me. I have tried having a blog but found it weird writing about myself to no audience LOL! Also I find it hard to string my words together these days. I enjoy reading your blog. It is nice to connect with other people who love God.

Hill upon Hill said...

Hi Naomi, I hope that you are all feeling better today.

There are so many God focused and encouraging blogs out there. I hope to post the link for another one that A Woman of Notes and I are enjoying soon.

My email address is taylorerjac@hotmail.com, it would be nice to email each other.