Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday Weekend.

12 year old son, husband E and I are loving "The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency"  series on TV.  I have read the books...
It is such a lovely show with characters of integrity and the beauty and uniqueness of Africa at its best.

We watched it last night (even though we only started the episode at 9:30pm).  When 12 year old son asked if we could watch it, I almost said "No, it is too late..."  However in the spirit of Wednesday Weekend, I thought we should and it was an enjoyable time together.

Wednesday Weekend is an attempt to break the busyness of the week; a simple dinner (last night a store bought BBQ chicken with freshly baked baguette and salad, followed by toblerones which 12 year old son gave to his sisters and fathers for their company at his party on the weekend).... Also husband E and I sat chatting till 7:30pm, me with a nice cup of coffee.  This was before dinner had been assembled.  Homework had been done and it was so hot.... It was nice to try and not watch the clock too closely for a weeknight.

Dinner was enjoyed by everyone, did not need extra heat to prepare and was quick to assemble.  The cleanup was easy as there were no pots/pans and the dishwasher took care of the plates.

Everyone needed fans to be able to sleep last night.  This has been our first hot week.  Today it has broken and the wind has picked up and we have rain.  The house is breathing again.

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Naomi MacKenzie said...

I really love this program too and enjoyed the characters and stories.

Having a more relaxed night on a weeknight is such a good idea. Do your children do many afterschool activities? It can make life very busy.