Monday, October 29, 2012

The House is Elastic.

Our house has seen many changes over the last 16 years.  This week, it changed again.  We thought that our younger two daughters would share a room for a long time, but one of the two is quite affected by any noise during the night.  It seems that her sister's breathing was waking her up.  We would then find her in the lounge, asleep on a couch.
We decided (after much deliberation) that we would change the study into a bedroom.
Great sorting and culling occured and we placed a bed, desk, chair, a few toys and some books in this room for 8 year old daughter.
She loves it.  6 year old daughter misses her, but sleepovers are promised.  The bonus is that the room they once shared is now larger for toys to really spread out.
Both girls really enjoyed using their walkie talkies yesterday from one room to the other.

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