Thursday, February 21, 2013

Creating Space.

We have been moving pictures around the house.  The Australian bush painting in the bottom picture was where the 'ancestors' are hanging now in the top picture.  I like that the painting brightens our dark, wood area that we are too lazy or undecided to paint.

I have realised that seeing more paint on a blank wall, rather than a crowded display of pictures; has calmed me and made the area feel less crowded.

We then had to move my framed wrapping paper from Tasmania, so they went to 8 year old daughter's
colourful room.

In the entrance, we had many, many photo's hanging up of family and friends and although hard to remove them (from the wall, not our lives); and put up a mirror, it has made the area feel fresher.  It even echoes now.  The mirror was also a thought in an attempt to reflect light.  I don't actually check my appearance before leaving the house; perhaps I should.

11 year old daughter then decided to reorganise her room too.  She really liked seeing the photo's up in the entrance everyday, so she has put them into her bedroom.

She also reorganised her shelves and surfaces and did a fantastic job!

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