Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thinking About Helpers in the Kitchen.

Thinking, thinking.....

I have had this slow cooker for a while and use the insert more frequently than the whole set up as it cooks steak/mince beautifully on the stove top.

Crockpot lasagne and one of our soup recipes work really well in this... I don't enjoy the texture of casseroles or curries or even bolognaise in it though.

I have enjoyed this pressure cooker as it gives me great flexibility in that I can put a casserole on quite late and dinner will still be ready on time.  It makes fantastic chicken/noodle soup.

I am thinking about this though.  It does so many things that would well for our family: makes milk from almonds (and then you can use the almond meal for baking), sorbets (whipped up as you eat your main part of the meal), gravies, custards, pastry..... all done while I watch (or do homework/laundry etc).  I don't think that cooking casseroles or using the steam feature will factor greatly in my use, but I do think that I will use it for soups (it blends the soup itself), making stock, pancake/pikelet batters without lumps (wow!) and bread dough.  I would like to also make our own tomato sauce as I think one of our children reacts to the store bought variety and I would like to make ginger beer, which our family loves.  

Still thinking though, very expensive and would it be surplus to my requirements?  Not to mention the above 'tools' in our kitchen?

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