Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Day in my Life.

I had to set the alarm to wake this morning, to ensure that we were all ready to get to 4 year old daughter's Occupational Therapy appointment. We made it. She had great fun with a large rolling mat thing and had to pick up beanbags and throw them into a tyre. The older children were a great help. I was thankful for a good parking spot in the shade.

Home for breakfast, coffee and banana cake. The children busied themselves. 4 year old daughter was busy with glue, 10 year old son read and then started playing his electronic game thing, 7 year old daughter helped the little ones. 2 year old daughter was everywhere!!

I started researching gutter guard for our gutters, we are in a bushfire prone area, so I would like to keep our gutters leaf free. Also a few emails and general tidying up. A quick game of Snap with the girls as well. Before I knew it it was lunch time. I made my spinach, ginger and apple juice as well.

We tidied up toys from the morning, I read to the younger two and put them in their room for a nap. I have also got dinner started in the crockpot, a new recipe from husband E's Aunt in Canberra. Indian curry. It smells delicious. The air conditioner is now on, 44 degrees on the deck, 28 inside.

The little ones did not sleep. I got them up, gave everyone afternoon tea and put a lot of decorations away. Hooray. I came out however to find that the little ones had drawn all over our new couches.
Meths got it out. Morroccan music, a nice cold beer that my Dad brought around, hommous and crackers bridged the gap till dinner. The older two built with Lego in the bedroom. We have decided to give the little ones an early dinner, put them to bed and then enjoy our curry with the older two.
I am thinking: curry, homemade strawberry icecream and maybe a board game.
Did end up baking two banana cakes as bananas were really ripe. It is still hot, but satisfying to get quite a lot done.


Rhonda Jean said...

what a lovely day you had. Busy but satisfying. Oh, and a good idea to get the littlies to bed early. :- )

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your busy day in your life.

The curry looks delicious.


Marytoo said...

I enjoyed reading about your lovely day. How come everyone else's day is always so much more interesting than mine? ;-)

Lynda said...

Thanks for sharing you day with us - phew, it sounded really busy but with some fun moments, too. Those times spent with the children are just so special, aren't they ?