Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Glass Half Full, Glass Half Empty.

A difficult day, with fatigue a problem and the weather no help. Patience not a strong point, motivation non existent. All my ideals in motherhood escaped me today.

But the breeze lifted this evening, we had homemade pizza on the deck, husband E played "Scarborough Fair" on the piano while 7 year old daughter sat on my lap and I stroked her hair. I looked out the window at the lovely bush.

As I drove to do the shop to buy some groceries, I had the windows down and Classic FM nice and loud.

Tomorrow is a new blessed day.

7 year old daughter saw the beauty in this bark the other day.


willywagtail said...

Scribbly bark is beautiful. Don't feel too bad. All mothers have off days and maybe even years and today was hot. Cherrie

Cathy said...

I loved your choice of words, "the breeze lifted today"... I need to look for the ways of His grace too, and you were able to convey this so beautifully