Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Day in my Life.

This weekend is really a weekend of rest as it is pouring with rain, everything is cancelled, so I was not going to turn on the computer at all. I then realised that it was the 14th, and then discovered that it was the last one.

Here is a summary of yesterday......A Day in my Life.

Slept in.

Breakfast by the window and looking at the mist in the valley.

House filled with play and toys and elephants' feet.

Valentines' Day chocolates and jellies, some photo's and a letter box almost ready to be put in situ.

A delicious lunch of deli goods and then some chocolate.

Some housework; laundry and vacuuming.

A gathering of E's family to discuss plans for a new bathroom at the lake house.

The children had noodles at Grandad's and we came home to warm showers and warm beds.

Husband E and I had toast in front of some lovely English TV shows.

Emptied the dryer.

Bed to the sound of rainfall.

1 comment:

Out Back said...

That rain would be so nice and refreshing. We haven't had any since December.

Thanks for sharing your day, it is sad that it is the last one.

34C tomorrow for us with no rain, we do have lots of smoke though.