Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Thankyou God, that here in the bushy "Hill Upon Hill" we have had gentle rain for two days now.

May this relief extend to Victoria. Many towns are still at risk, many people will have sadness, shock and grief as their burden.........

Beechworth is at risk at present, although this morning it was reported that the containment lines had been made....... We have stayed there on three occasions. It is a wonderful place.....

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Linda said...

I am not too happy about Beechworth being at risk either. We go there on our way to our old hometown for visits to the dentist etc.

Here is the link, it is a pdf file. You can scroll down for the information about blankets and photos.


I am so glad it is raining. Very happy with my weather report today. I have this huge map at the bottom of my blog. Makes the blog look funny, but it has the current size of the fires on it and if they are contained etc.