Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Passover Meal.

As we are going to church tonight for a Kids' service, we remembered the Passover Meal and the Last Supper last night.

Hard boiled eggs: Everything else in boiling water softens or disintegrates. Eggs do not. They become hard like the Israelites. Eggs are also new life.
Lamb: There has to be blood sacrificed to save their lives. (Old Testament; a perfect lamb, New Testament; Jesus).
Bitter herbs: Reminds the people that they were servants to slavery.
Celery: Hope and Spring.
Apple/nut/cinnamon mixture: in rememberance of the mortar used to build the cities for Pharoah.
Unleavened bread: To remind of the haste in which the people left Egypt.
Salt water: Reminds of the tears cried whilst in Egypt.


Linda said...

A beautiful picture of Passover.

Cathy said...

We were able to share in a Passover Meal last evening. It was very meaningful. Amazing isn't it?