Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers' Day.

Today was a good day. It was Mothers' Day. We have gone up to the mountains in previous years: to stomp in crunchy Autumn leaves and buy an apple pie on the way home. This year, 8 year old daughter went to a sleepover birthday party last night and, we had a very busy day yesterday with the preschool fair, soccer, choir and another sleepover for 8 year old daughter at my parent's house. 3 year old daughter is also recovering from pneumonia as well!

We decided to stay home and keep things simple. As we woke this morning I was glad that we did as we did not have to pack a picnic, we just enjoyed home. After 8 year old daughter was collected, we all sat in the sunshine on our deck, me with coffee and reading matter and the two youngest daughters with drawing. Our 11 year old son read as well. Then husband E made lunch, the avocado had just ripened!

Some special presents for me; a collection of lovely photo's printed from our digital photo's and some thoughtful gifts from the children which they had purchased at a school stall for Mothers' Day or made at preschool. We then got some big jobs done (I had said that their completion would be my Mothers' Day gift).

Well satisfied, we had some afternoon tea outside on the paved area while no less than four kookaburras kept us company. A lovely concert was then performed by 8 year old daughter, with Daddy accompanying on the piano. Roast beef for dinner, stories, cuddles and bed. Husband E and I then enjoyed "Foyle" on TV with a lazy cat on my lap!

Today was a great day!


Lynda said...

Sounds like a perfect day with your family ... we also celebrated a quiet - but special - Mother's Day here on the farm all the way in Africa - no kookaburras for us though ;)

Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of this day. I smiled as I read are so blessed.