Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Computer: Help or Hindrance?

This post from Aimee, was just what I needed to read today as we are later and later in the morning.

My hours of productivity are compromised as well.

The computer and emails are not in themselves bad though and for me are my link with friends, neighbours and family. It is also the basis for organisation for the soccer team and the Community Fire Units.

I need to consider which hours are invested here.


Cathy said...

This is and always will be for me a place of constant reevaluation. Necessary, yet to be controlled...rather like my tongue I am thinking.

Naomi MacKenzie said...

It is all about discipline really. It is no different to when I would sit down with the morning paper and read the mail except now it is electronic. I get the children off to school and then have a cup of tea and relax for about half an hour checking emails, news, facebook and blogs. My blogs are on bloglines so I just check if there are any updates. I don't feel guilty about it - to me it is just a tool.

Hill upon Hill said...

Yes Naomi, that makes sense. I had it turned off first thing today and when the children came home. I checked blogs and emails as I finished a job and then only one blog or one or two emails. It worked well.
Thanks for your comment.