Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And in the Evening...

Husband E received this painting from us to 'mark' his birthday (ie I liked the painting very much!). The painting was done by a father at our local school, frame from IKEA.

The colourful candle was made by 5 year old daughter. Everything looks better in candlelight.

Eating by candlelight really helps to make the meal much more enjoyable.

Success. Every year for husband E's birthday, I recreate his favourite pudding which his mother often made. It is a short crust pastry, filled with sweetened apples and then a syrup is poured over the whole lot. Once baked, the pastry is crunchy in parts and caramelised in others. It is delicious.


Cathy said...

I totally agree everything looks, and feels, better in candlelight.

The apple dessert sounds delicious!

Fiona said...

Wow the painting looks great in the frame! Pudding looks delicious ... We love candlelit meals too ... Makes everything much more cozy and conversation flows better!