Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Street: Thunder and Autumn Leaves.

I love Autumn. It is my favourite time of the year. Sadly we have lost our beautiful tree from the front of the driveway which always put on a glorious show at this time of year.

This morning, 4 year old daughter and I walked down our street to photograph the beautiful colours. Unfortunately, this happy time was clouded by an angry lady who took exception to me photographing the street and accused me of being "... that person who carries a camera!" I was very confused by this, but later enquiries yielded knowledge of a feud between this lady and another in our street, perhaps involving photographic evidence.

I am fatigued by the fact that I had to edit this photo, ensuring that no registration plates on the vehicles showed; in case someone was to use that information inappropriately. I am fatigued that I had to photograph my daughter's feet to preserve her identity and I am fatigued that my happy stroll with our little daughter was clouded by this thunderous outburst.

Bring on heaven!


Jen said...

Don't let that hag (I'm so NOT pc on this) cloud your otherwise beautiful day... edit her out with the same skill you applied to the photos which show only beauty. (Loving your daughter's skirt).

Cathy said...

I am sorry about the loss of a lovely tree by the driveway (aren't trees like friends?), and neighbors who can't be nice to wonderful people and children. But you appear to be making lemonade anyway..good for you "lady with the camera"! (Smile)

Your daughter's skirt is snazzy, adding to the gorgeousness of fallen leaves on the path.