Thursday, December 22, 2011

60 Minutes.

Television, Foxtel, Playstation 3, Ipods and Nintendo DS... these are my friends and my foes.  They can be great when neighbourhood kids come by on rainy days, the older two can play many games together, they are portable etc.  However, they can consume the children,  and the entertainment comes without a challenge.
We are into day four of the holidays.  Today, the younger two have already constructed musical instruments from recycling and 10 year old daughter can get very busy with craft.  The challenge is for 13 year old boy.
The microwave timer was set; 60 minutes, the boundary set: the bedroom.... The request was made-show me something that you have worked on for an hour.
Hooray for LEGO.  13 year old son has been absorbed by it for almost an hour now and the product looks great!

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