Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Trifle Too Easy.

A trifle for special guests.
Lay a single layer of jam roll.  Pour over a third of a cup of apple juice (or sherry if you choose).  Put some jelly which was made earlier on the cake.  Scatter some sliced strawberries and blueberries next.  We added tinned berries as well for sweetness.
We decided to put the custard into a jug and 13 year old son was in charge of whipped cream if people wanted it on top of their dessert.
Our special guests brought a delicious non dairy and gluten free cake with butterscotch sauce.  Perhaps Fiona will give us the recipe?
We also had pecan pie and meringues with more berries.


Cathy said...

Were you having a dessert party?

Your trifle sounds delish.

Fiona said...

I hear the trifle was delicious!
A lovely evening,

Will try to post the sauce recipe soon.