Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Gomi (rubbish) is an interesting process in Tokyo.
To the right is a cupboard to hold our shoes and the left is a slipper storage rack.  In the middle is a complicated recycling system to be used during our stay in Tokyo.  Combustibles, incombustible, plastic bottles (lids were separate, as were labels), general plastics and paper.
There were different collection days for various categories.  The bins would be unlocked by the local garbage person, and that night, the bins could be filled.  The next day they were emptied and locked up again.  If people had made a mistake rinsing or separating garbage, a large sticker is placed on the bin and the rubbish is left.

There is not a great deal of space for garbage in Japan, hence this highly organised system.

We did not see any litter whilst in the cities we visited in Japan.

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