Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meal Plan.

Unlike the amazing meal photographed above which we enjoyed near Mt Fuji, my meal plan is less spectacular.

Since the children are at school (including 5 year old daughter who started school this year), a fast and easy weekly meal plan is necessary.
For week one, this worked well:
Monday: steak and salad (fast after coming in late from visits with cousins and Grandad)
Tuesday:  chicken (this week 2 varieties: teriyaki in one pan and olive oil and herbs in the other).  There were leftovers for lunches and Thursday's dinner.
Wednesday: bolognaise or mince.  There were enough leftovers for the next night.
Thursday: A very busy night for us; so the leftover bolognaise and chicken came in handy.
Friday: pizza and sausage-relaxing night... but we might change that a bit next week.
Saturday: pasta and possible a bbq at lunch..
Sunday:  Bbq chicken at lunch and curry/roast/casserole for dinner.  I hope to use the oven only if the weather is cool enough.

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Fiona said...

Looks like an excellent plan.
I did a similar plan a few years back for a while, and now after chatting to you about your plan am inspired to do a plan for us now ... just waiting for a few activities to fall into place ...