Friday, July 13, 2012

Holiday Reading.

I am hosting this month's bookclub and need to have books to add to the pool for borrowing.  It is nice to have read the books prior to chatting about them isn't it?

Last week, while at the lake house in front of the fire, I read two books in two days:
"Peaches for Monsieur le Cure" by Joanne Harris and "Other People's Diaries" by Kathy Webb.
Both enjoyable, both absorbed me.

I am reading "Otherland" now by Maria Tumarkin.  It looks very promising indeed.  A mother takes her teenage daughter back to the USSR, where she grew up but left to emigrate to Australia.
I do love to read books which are set in other countries.  Joanne Harris'  book was set in a village in France.  Such joy in her description of a  simple meal of peaches, cheese and chocolate.

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