Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Appliance with a Story.

I have been intrigued by mix masters and food processors of late.  There are too many to choose from though and I really want it to be useful.  Mum had given this one to me when we first got married, but I did not have as much use for it then as I do now.  I asked for it again recently.  I have unpacked it today.

Now this was not a mere meeting with an appliance, but rather a little trip into time gone by.  There were receipts in the manual.  The receipt was for one hundred dollars.  The year, 1979.

The receipt was issued from Singapore and there was a customs form attached as well.  We were living in South Africa at the time and the letter attached to the customs form stated that my Dad was returning from a business trip to the "Far East".  He picked up this food processor in Durban, once he had returned.  Oh I hope this machine works as I would really like to keep it and not have to choose an 'anonymous' food processor/mix master now.

I bet noone else has such close ties with their appliances.


Anonymous said...

The mixer was purchased in Singapore when I was there on my first business trip to Asia. To get there in 1979 I flew British Airways to Seychelles and Colombo (Sri Lanka) then Air France to Singapore. The return Leg was the same routing except that we were unable to land in Seychelles due bad weather, so the aircraft was diverted to Mauritius where we spent the day at a beach front resort dressed in our business travelling clothes (luggage was at the airport. The mixer was sent on the company ship-RIL- from Singapore to Durban. Zuz

Momtosweeties said...

How lovely to have that memory of your family when ever you use it. I am sure $100 was a pretty penny then as well! I think old things seem to soak up personality.. makes them even more special.