Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting Around Tuit!

Today,  Melissa suggested an "Around Tuit" session.. see the little clock which she sent to us in our invitations.... We were to bring projects to work on and enjoyed the time with tea/coffee, munchies and chat.  I did manage to get work done on my project, which was to go through six year old daughter's little journals which I had written in order that I can make an easy to see table with her all of her milestones from birth till now.  She had been asking me what her first word was and I had forgotten.  Well it turns out that it was "Mumma".  Two weeks later, it was "Da Da"!

Mrs N filed recipes and Aunty L planned her folder of lists for party organisation.... I heard talk of a letter and Melissa sorted through things to clear space for us all to be productive.  She also made a few phone calls....Yay for us!

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Cathy said...

What a clever idea. I have many projects that could benefit from a evening such as this one.

I am so far behind on my childrens' scrapbooks that it is almost overwhelming to think about getting around "tuit". But I do love that activity.