Friday, September 14, 2012

Spring Brunch.

Today was the annual Spring gathering at our house.  Brunch this year as I love serving a brunch menu and it also gave us all a chance to get things done in the afternoon before the children came home from school.

I made 'muffins'.  This time I used a cupcake recipe (with the mix master) and put a tinned cherry in the muffin tin and then the mixture.  The mixture had white chocolate chips through it.  I also made a zucchini fritatta, heated some little quiches and had a platter of fruit.  We made our own cocktails of ginger beer, cloudy apple and sparkling pear juice.

Somehow, I was at the receiving end of many lovely treats.  Beautiful flowers from Mrs C,  lovely tiered cake plates from Aunty L (very Japanesque), serviettes from Fiona   ,lemonades and lemon cake from Mrs N. A fruity bun from Mrs Choo Choo and Mrs B made a very decadent gluten free, lemon tart.  Mrs J.B from church brought chocolates.  They were delicious.

Blue skies, sunshine and hats for some.

Tomorrow there will be hazard reduction in the bushland (burning the undergrowth) so the air will be smokey.  Glad to have today's enjoyment.


Fiona said...

It was a lovely morning, thank you!
Can't get any emails through to anyone on hotmail at present. Are you receiving emails?

Cathy said...

Is this for a group of friends or a specific "club" of some sort?

I love the tiered cake dish.

Hill upon Hill said...

Hi Cathy, an elastic group of local friends....
A dear friend gave me the tiered cake dish.