Thursday, September 6, 2012

Afternoon Coffee on the Deck.

It is now warm!  Yes September the 1st came and so did the warmer weather.  I now sit out on the deck for my afternoon coffee, sharing my space with Noddy the cat and looking in to the family/dining area.  I love the birds that seem to dive and glide on the cusp of warmer winds.


Cathy said...

Can I join you? That is such a pleasant thought.

Becca said...

Mmm... love the idea of this. It's a quiet evening here in Sicily and I wish there were some breezes. And maybe a nice big mug of decaf coffee, too!

Anonymous said...

Your Old Coffee machine departed for good this afternoon. It has gone to the Rotary Fair which is being held on Sunday. In fact a car load of "goodies" has departed from this house to the Fair.
Most enjoyable Sunday over indulged in the good afternoon tea spread.