Monday, March 24, 2014

This Weekend.

A lot of time spent in the kitchen yesterday: banana bread, passionfruit slice and chicken soup.
I love seeing our children's artwork and the above piece was done by 9 year old daughter.
The aim this week is to plant sweet peas.  The garden bed needs to be prepared (ie weeded and composted soil added to the garden bed).  Husband E will build a trellis.

Passionfruit Slice:

Bake a base of your choice.  This time I made a shortbread base, but next time I might try a coconut/flour type of base which I have used for choc/caramel slice in the past.
For the topping, mix a can of condensed milk, a small can of passionfruit and 3T of lemon juice.
Pour over the baked base and bake till set.
Refrigerate.  It is quite rich!

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