Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hanging About.

As I sat enjoying a cup of tea; I noticed that we have lots of 'bags' hanging about...
We use them as storage.

The top bag is 9 year old daughter's piano bag...
The next one holds my reading matter, William Morris design..
Then the bag from the Turner exhibition has recipes I would like to try... the purple bag holds 15 year old son's information regarding his forthcoming trip to Asia...
The Wooden 'bag' holds yarn and a crochet hook (will have to revisit this this Winter) and finally the hessian bag on the back of the front door holds books for church or church small group gatherings.
There is a bag hanging down on to the ground in that photo, it holds slippers for visitors!

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Cathy said...


I really liked this post, even the title was perfect.

When does your son leave for his trip?