Sunday, August 2, 2015

Chim Chimenea, Chim Chimenea, Chim, Chim ....

For outdoor fires on a Saturday night with the family.  Snacks and then a meal cooked on the wok on the bbq.  Possums run behind us.


Fiona said...

Oh I'm jealous! I am constantly campaigning for a fire pit or in fact anything with flames for our backyard, and everyone else rejects the idea. Yours looks great with your other furniture and in that space.

Cathy said...

Hell!o Jaqui,

Thought I would answer your question regarding the bowl. I do not believe that is a corningware bowl/vase. It is a vase that you get from a florist when buying a large bouquet of flowers...they are very common here.

Are you enjoying evenings by the fire? It is getting time for us to have some evening fires soon as the days are getting chillier in the evenings. But the mosquitoes are still merciless!