Friday, May 22, 2009

House Work and Play.

Welcome weekend:


have vacuumed

dusted, tidied and


all smells of


Some played!!


Islipian said...

you've been so productive! I've been lollygagging all morning, browsing pictures all over the internet, saying, "just 30 more minutes, then I'll get to work." and now it's almost noon!

Anne Marie said...

is that a home-school room I see?

I too, home school our children.

It's very nice to meet you via Islipian.

have a great weekend...

Carole said...

Just popped in for a visit - your cleaning is very inspiring!! It was a pleasure to catch up a bit on your blog, and I'm going to take a gander at the cupcake recipe - I've never seen white chocolate frosting before! I'm in California, so please pardon my ignorance, but is "afternoon tea" what we would call "lunch," or is that in addition to a midday meal?

Pearl Maple said...

Too funny ending with - and someone played, think we have all been there, working hard to make a nice little place for our family, you have created a sweet little home. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

maxwellnotsosmart said...

Househouse -- somedays I love and others well it's just another day of picking up! Its really too bad that we don't have "I Dream of Jennie" on hand to snap our fingers and help out sometimes. Thank goodness for husband!

Cathy said...

I keep seeing the clean rooms and empty mind has the tendency to visually place you there after a long day of cleaning! I bet your night's sleep was sweet....

I am in the schoolroom cleaning is almost to the point of being overwhelming, but I am hanging in there.