Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crockpot Lasagne.

You are not going to believe it, but I made a delicious crockpot lasagne. Kind Mrs B gave me a recipe, I tweaked it a bit in true lazy style:

Preheat your crockpot on high.

Brush olive oil onto the sides and base.

Lay some lasagne sheets or sprinkle some small pasta to cover the base.

Mix your mince, tomato sauce, vegetables (I grated zucchini and carrot). Spoon this mixture over the pasta. Lay another lasagne sheet or sprinkle some more pasta. Keep going till almost to the top of your crockpot.

In a jug, mix one egg, 1T flour and one cup of milk. (This is to 500g mince). I doubled this as I have a large crockpot and used 1kg of mince.

Pour over the top. Sprinkle cheese on top.

Put the lid on, cook on low for minimum five hours. Turn off and let sit for 5min before serving. Delicious!!!!!

I love this recipe as it is a complete meal and there was no need to cook pasta separately. We served ours with salad.


Karen said...

Sounds great. I must give it a go. I've heard of people doing lasagne in the crockpot but haven't tried it yet.

Out Back said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe, sounds lovely.

Cathy said...

I am still thinking about the manner in which you throw raw ground beef into a crockpot. I have always browned mine first. I guess throwing raw noodles in is on the same plane! So good to read your blogs.

Hill upon Hill said...

It works really well. No need to brown the mince first, no need to boil the pasta first.