Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ann's blog has some inspirational thoughts on the following.



Preparing our families for Easter.


Mrs M said...

Ann is certainly very expressive.

We are not sure how we feel about Easter. We are Anglicans in the Sydney Diocese so our church doesn't do Lent.

There are so many pagan traditions bound up in both Easter and Christmas. Christ's death and resurrection is celebrated every time we have communion. Which is as commanded by Christ himself. The bible says nothing about Easter and Christmas.

Still pondering and praying about this.

Warmly, Naomi

Hill upon Hill said...

Hi Naomi, lovely to hear from you again. I am also attending a church in the Sydney Anglican Diocese. Our family don't participate in Lent either. I just love having concrete markers and reminders that help our children learn about Jesus' love for us and His Grace. I loved the idea of the symbolism of writing sins down in a box and then throwing it away. I thought that it would become a wonderful tradition for our family. Last year, Easter was a really significant time for us as we really looked into the historical food and what it represents etc. I feel that in our family we dealt with Easter even better than we deal with Christmas. I am saddened that I was distracted at Christmas time and did not attend to it as I would have liked (presents, end of year school and other busyness, food etc.)

I love the fact that Communion is a reminder to us again and again of Christ's love for us. You are right, it is not restricted to one or two times in the year.

Thankyou for your comment.

Cathy said...

Ann's words are inspiring and her pictures can take your breath for a second or so.

I love the celebrations on our Christian calender. I can't help but to think how God used celebrations in the OT. He appears to love having His people celebrate and remember...His character has not changed with the New Covenant either. May everything you find yourself doing during this season of remembering and celebrating our Lord and Saviour's death and resurrection draw you closer to Him.