Monday, February 1, 2010

Third Child at Big School.

Our third daughter is off to big school today. We were so pleased that she had had a great day; protective siblings, the comfort of a lovely buddy and special attention from her new teacher.

This was our first child free weekday in 11 years. Small jobs done quickly, coffee and reading, lots of emails for our Community Fire Unit and general tidying up. Smoked trout and salad with dark bread for lunch and organic orange chocolate from the groovy aunt.

We do it all again tomorrow!


Linda said...

How sweet they look! It is, I think, a little bitter/sweet when the last one goes off to school. Having said that, there's a lot to be said for free time!! You will certainly fill those hours.

Mrs M said...

I too have sent my last little one off to school this week. My oldest, son, is 10 this year and like you it has been my first childfree weekday in since he was born I homeschooled up until April last year so for me the house feels especially empty.

My husband is a shiftworker so we are looking forward to spending some time together for the first time since number one son was born. As we live in a rural area we have not been able to get babysitters so we have not been able to go out by ourselves.

It is a new stage in our lives, the school years. I am looking forward to getting reaquainted with myself.

Warmly, Naomi

Cathy said...

I like the tanned legs, the matching blue dresses, the back packs and especially the blue hat.

Child must feel free as a bird!

Hill upon Hill said...

Thankyou kind ladies for your well wishes.

I am enjoying day 2 of silence, but it is nice to see them home. I also feel that this is only freedom if there is no worry and at the present, I feel that they are all happy and managing well.