Friday, March 19, 2010


I had two tea cups and saucers that I bought in the Southern Highlands. Crockery has arrived from England that used to be in husband E's Aunt's house. I was given a sweet jug and sugar bowl. I really liked them. I put them with my cups and saucers and realised that they were a match, the same name underneath the cup/saucer and the jug/bowl; the same pattern on the china.


Lynda said...

Amazing - they were obviously meant to end up together ! Now you will have to find a small matching teapot to join them. Ebay ?

Fiona said...

What are the chances of that?
They are just beautiful.

Cathy said...

Rather like a basking moment don't you think? The blue and white are calming...let's do have tea together one day.