Monday, April 15, 2013

Away from the Family for a Weekend.

Our annual weekend in the mountains; my local friends made the occasion special.
Instead of just shopping this year, I decided to explore the back streets of some mountain suburbs.

We also enjoyed our highlight of cocktails and cheese at the Carrington Hotel.  A fantastic weekend.

I came home with an apple pie, some French tiles and French soap and a candle with a holder.  So pleased.  Refreshed and happy to be home.

Some lovely welcoming cards/flowers/hugs at home and husband E had outdone himself with washing windows and many other jobs.  8 year old daughter had built a wooden aeroplane as well.  I had left everybody with a 'pillow present' before I left home and a note for each child.


Cathy said...

Your photos were very good. I wish I could come along!

There is something about being away and coming home...and appreciation is felt from all sides.

Fiona said...

Love your photos and so glad you had such a perfect time.