Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Gourmet Cook: Only on Wednesday!

A day of good cooking yesterday. Firstly the gluten free chocolate cake that I often make. It is such an unattractive cake, fortunately it tastes pretty good.

Secondly a chicken pie. This is a good one as it can use frozen chicken. If like me you only think about dinner fairly late in the piece then this is handy.... I do not thaw chicken out of the fridge so this method is good.

Take frozen chicken and poach in a pot of water with herbs and leeks/onion. Once cooked, remove bouquet garni if used , bay leaves etc. Remove chicken and cut. Strain the liquid and retain some. Add some flour (premixed into a paste) with a little milk. Put back on the stove and stir in an attempt to make a white sauce. Pour over chicken. Add mushrooms/frozen veg whatever. Cover with pastry and bake in the oven. The inspiration for this recipe came from an old "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine I had. They made individual chicken pies and topped with a herb dough (scone mixture) and then baked.

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Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

I like smoked oysters. Now THAT is unattractive food that tastes good!