Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Lesson.

Speaking of food, it is not good manners when the children in the house complain about the lovely food that is put before them.

I don't mind individual foods that are not appealing, I have still not come around to brussel sprouts, but when faced with a plate, that has been prepared with thought and care, thankfulness and appreciation would be appropriate. So..........

this week, we are having bread and apples for dinner. The same day in and day out. A can of tuna may appear or a slice of cheese (as I monitor growing children's energy levels), but the aim is to not offer too much variety and to keep it basic.

Before you think I am being cruel, I am 'feeding them up' throughout the day. I just want them to appreciate the variety and taste of different meals that are cooked for them. I am grabbing the last week of the holidays to do this, before brains and bodies are exerted at school.


Cathy said...

So have you made this bread yet? I too have had plans for bread making this winter, so far I have not succeeded.

Hill upon Hill said...

No not yet. A nice project to look forward to.

Mrs M. said...

I have had a similar problem with my 9 yo son. He has started to complain about the evening meals I present. It is a lot of work to prepare and present meals that are interesting and nutritious day after day. I had enough this evening and told him that if he complains again he will be getting bread and milk for dinner. I like your apples idea though.

I hope your children are gently encouraged to adopt a spirit of gratitude and thanks.



Fiona said...

That sounds like a good plan for your children, however with my girls that would backfire. We are working towards variety and not resistance to new foods! They like nothing better than the same food day in, day out. Go figure!

Cathy said...

Sorry, I commented on the wrong post! But I like this post so very much too.

Rose was thrilled when you commented on her blog.Thank you.