Saturday, September 13, 2008

Simply Saturday.

The day started with our local council elections. I took a butter cake into the cake stall at the school.

I then disappeared today with a good friend who loves many things in common....good food, quiet.....

We went to the Southern Highlands in New South Wales. It was the second warm day and everything looked quite dry.

We had a delicious lunch at "The Elephant Boy". It is a lovely spot with shelves filled with books. then a walk around the town.

A strawberry tart followed. Another meander in a smaller town where I bought some cups and saucers. Afternoon tea was then scones at an outdoor table.

I came home to a casserole cooking in the oven, four sweet children and a husband who had completed some woodwork.

There will be no need for a heater tonight as all doors and windows are now open to catch the cooling breeze.


Linda said...

I love the design on the cups and saucers.

Sandra said...

Sounds like the perfect day :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day. I really like visiting the Southern Highlands, we honeymooned there 15 years ago so it is a special place to our family.