Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Bible Readings.

I wanted to bring as much focus into our family's experience as there is at Christmas.

Judas' betrayal Matt: 21: 1-11, Luke 19:29-35, John 13:21-38
Palm Sunday, Luke 19: 36-44
Passover/Last Supper Luke 22:7-20, Matthew 26: 26-28

Passover meal: Tonight we will enjoy this.

Washing feet John 13:3-16 We will wash our childrens' feet...........
Judas' betrayal John 13:21-28
Gethsemane Matt:26:30-46
Arrest of Jesus Matt 26:47-56
The rooster crows /Peter Luke 22:54-62
Mocking Luke 22:63-71
Pontius Pilate Luke 23: 1-7, John 18:28-38
Barrabus Luke 23:8-12
Crucifiction Luke 23:26-43 Homemade Easter buns.
Death Matt 27:45-54, John 19:30
Tomb Matt 27: 57-66, John 19: 38-42
Sunday/rose again Matthew 28: 1-7
Perhaps (?) we will wake our older two and see the sun rise with some Rooibos tea and buns.
Also the tomb cake that I wrote about, inspiration from another blog.
Mary John 20: 1-18
Jesus walking Luke 24:13-27
Jesus rises to heaven Acts 1:3-11
Pentecost Acts 2:1-11, Acts 2:12-39


Marilyn said...

Every year my daughter tells my two grandchildren.. the easter story and make little bisuits that look like a little tomb and each step of making them is a different verse from the Bible.. and when you bight into the biscuit.. the tomb is empty.. (they are hollow). The kids look forward to it. Marilyn

Cathy said...

The washing of the feet is not something I have ever thought about doing with my children, even though I am familiar with it from an adults perspective. If you get the chance, share, with their reactions.