Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rhythms and Rituals.

St. John.

I have enjoyed learning more about a family in Israel by reading Domestic Felicity. I am struck by the rhythms of life in the Hebrew calendar that a Jewish lady, Anna describes.

Also Elizabeth, a Catholic lady writes about prayer that is rhythmic much like a call to prayer for five times a day in the Islamic faith. The Angelus, a rosary; uncomplicated practices that direct one.

I also read last night in the Sydney Morning Herald's "Good Living" guide about an Orthodox Greek family who are preparing for Easter with cooking and the very specific foods that are eaten after church as we remember Christ's death and resurrection.

These rituals are excellent prompts to help us be still and to reflect. I am not thinking of these things as being beneficial if done without thought and meaning.

Today I am thinking about the meaningful rituals that are in our life that help us to be still and draw us to God throughout the day.


Cathy said...

Good Pre-Holy Week pondering.Daily rituals and seasonal rituals are important. Share some of your rituals of this Easter season if you so desire...I certainly would love to know them.

Susan L said...

I love this. I, too, would love to know some of those meaningful rituals in your day that draw you to God.