Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Traditions in the Family.

OK, lots of lessons about Easter since my last post:

Easter eggs aren't bad, it depends how you think of them. There is the empty tomb concept that I spoke of ; the symbol of new life and the fact that Jewish people eat an egg at the Passover meal (Seder) to symbolise the suffering and oppression in Egypt. Everything else in boiling water becomes soft or disintegrates. But an egg becomes hard, like the Israelites. The more it is boiled, the harder it becomes.

I have also read Nicole talk about a cake that she bakes and serves on Easter Sunday with a cracked, empty Easter egg on top to symbolise that the tomb is empty.

See this post and her blog for some great ideas to create Easter traditions in your home with your family.

Here is another post from Barbara: with some brilliant ideas.

At this stage, I think we will have a meal to symbolise the Passover on Thursday night and to remember the Last Supper. Perhaps some feet washing too.

Friday is for hot cross buns, a quiet day of reflection.

Saturday a day of vigil; in essence a Sabbath.

Sunday a day of celebration:

See here for the markers of the Holy week.


The Vintage Rose said...

Thanks for popping in to say hello! I am not Jewish, but I like celebrating Christ's death and resurrection as the fullfillment of Passover, rather than associating it with the pagan festival of easter (even though it has been celebrated this way for hundreds of years) I'm glad your focus is on Christ and you will begin by acknowledging Passover on Thursday night. This year Passover and easter overlap.

Bri Schaaf said...

Oh I love the Word Picture of the Egg and the Isrealites! How wonderful is that! Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful stuff!

Cathy said...

Yes, I have pleasant thoughts of you doing some of the same things I am doing too. I hope you will have time and inclination to share as the week progresses and I will try to do the same with what is happening here at my home.

I love Holy Week!