Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Bare Essentials For a Day.

I will be thinking through a few things out loud if I may and using my blog to do it. After all, I view this blog as a journal, one that comes to life a bit more than a pen and paper type, especially as I can download photo's and cross reference to other things on the internet that I have found helpful and inspirational.

It is also easy to compartmentalise the development of ideas etc. One poor friend of mine who also has a blog has had to put up with some of these thoughts already! Another good friend who reads my blog quite regularly had also done so. For them and others who find it tedious, skip down to the next entry of interesting books and holiday snaps!

If I had a simple list of what I really value and would like to occur in our day or couple of days: (Bare Minimum, not wish list), they would include:

Activities for Me:
-time with husband E, listening
-Healthy eating: juicing, vegetable intake, portion size, chewing and eating slowly.

Activities with Chn:
-Story reading
-Chatting at bed time and after school
-O.T. exercises with 5 year old daughter.

Jobs Completed
-Making beds
-Packing toys away
-Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Healthy snacks
-Bathroom wiped over.

Are there enough hours in the day for these basic hopes?

There are also other commitments to factor in: homework etc. and what about darling Noddy the cat? ........


Linda said...

I think it sounds like a good plan. Don't be upset with yourself if you don't get it all accomplished every day. Some days have a way of bringing us those unexpected little surprises!
Both of your other posts are wonderful. The time away sounds just perfect.

Jeannette said...

Seek ye first...and all else shall be added.

Perhaps part of the mystery of that is that when we seek and rely we are better with flowing...rolling with whatever else appears that must be done, or what doesn't get done.
Just holding those hopes in your heart can give powerful shape to a day.
I must run along, but I have enjoyed several of your entries. Thank you